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Nana Mini Figurine

Nana Mini Figurine

SKU: 6014333

Bring a touch of Disney magic into your home with the whimsical and enchanting Nana Mini Figurine from Disney Traditions by Jim Shore. This beautiful piece captures the essence of one of the most beloved characters from Peter Pan, bringing her charm, beauty and elegance to your Disney collection. The Nana Mini Figurine is designed with intricate detailing that captures every essence of this adorable character. From the soft texture of her fur to the serenity of her eyes, this mini animal figurine is a beautiful reminder of the heartwarming moments in Peter Pan. As part of the Disney Traditions collection, this figurine is crafted in a mini size, perfect for displaying on your mantlepiece, bookshelf, or desk. It is a must-have for any collector or Disney fan, inciting memories of cherished moments from childhood. Celebrate the playful and loving presence of Nana from Peter Pan in your home with this mini figurine from Disney Traditions by Jim Shore. It is guaranteed to add a touch of enchantment to any Disney collection, and is perfect for those who appreciate the magic of Disney in every way possible. 





Height: 9.0cm

Width:  6.0cm

Depth:  9.5cm

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