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Smith Publicity
Smith Publicity

All About Author Promotion and Platforms

Authors are central to their books' marketing. As a result, author promotion supports or complements book publicity programs. For any writer researching how to promote my book, you'll also see that your platform (email contacts, website, social media, etc.) can help. They can be a starting point to launch your book and work out from there. Two things are fundamental to marketing your book: starting a buzz and reaching your target readers. People who know you will likely become interested and spread the word to others. If you post on social media, they can like and share your posts.

Author promotion is also beneficial to your career and business if you own one. Getting publicity for business is much easier when you book is you're hook for coverage. Authors are granted immediate stature and considered thought leaders in their fields. As you promote yourself…

Smith Publicity
Smith Publicity
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Webmaster Lifemediagroup
Webmaster Lifemediagroup

Top 5 Bars Near Me

Toronto has an eclectic nightlife that is one of the most diverse in the world. The top bars in the city are amongst the finest nightlife venues that the Western Hemisphere has to offer. From cool and casual speakeasies to luxurious clubs with an upscale atmosphere, Toronto has it all.

But with so many options, we understand it can be difficult to narrow it down to a single option. From your choice of music to the atmosphere, many things matter when it comes to your night out experience. So here's our list of the top bars near me in Toronto that are worth your visit:


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