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Buy Maytag Dryer Parts VERIFIED

This drum support roller includes one drum roller and two washer bearings. The drum support roller holds the drum in place while the drum rotates on the support wheels. If the dryer is making a loud rumbling noise or will not tumble, you may need to replace the roller. Most dryers use two drum rollers, and it is recommended to change both at once. This is a genuine OEM part. Please remember to disconnect the power to the dryer before starting the repair.

buy maytag dryer parts

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This gas dryer ignition coil set comes with two ignition coils: one three-terminal boost/hold coil, and one two-terminal secondary coil. If there is no heat or your drying time is getting longer, the coils may be bad and will need to be replaced. Once the coils go bad they do not hold the gas valve open properly. Usually only one of them burns out but you should replace them as a set. Both must be operational for the gas valve to open. This is a genuine OEM part. Please remember to disconnect the power to your dryer before starting the repair.

The drum support roller has a metallic bearing in its center. This part is used to hold the drum in place in the cabinet while letting the drum rotate on the support rollers. If your dryer is noisy, will not tumble or takes too long to dry, you might need to replace the roller. It is recommended that you replace both rollers at once. This is a genuine OEM part and is sold individually. Please remember to shut off the power to the dryer before starting the repair.

The front glide helps the drum rotate smoothly and quietly while operating. If your dryer will not tumble or is noisy, the glide could be worn down, causing a metal on metal noise, and will need to be replaced. It is recommended to replace both glides at the same time; a rivet tool is required for this installation. This kit includes a blue plastic glide, a brown cork pad, and two metallic rivets. The front drum glide kit is a genuine OEM part. Please remember to disconnect the power to the dryer before starting your repair.

The tri ring is used to hold the drum support rollers or the idler pulley onto the shaft. If your dryer will not tumble or is noisy, you may need to replace the tri ring. This is a genuine OEM part and is sold individually.

This dryer drum belt has four ridges, three grooves, 1/4-inch wide and 92 1/4-inch long. The belt helps rotate the drum. If the drum does not rotate and you can still hear the motor running, the belt may have broken and will need to be replaced. This is a genuine OEM part. Please remember to disconnect the power to your dryer before starting the repair.

Founded in 1893, The Maytag Corporation manufactures a number of different models of washers and dryers for use in the home. Since 2006, the Maytag brand has been owned by Whirlpool. To complement its laundry machines, Maytag manufactures individual parts and accessories for washers and dryers.

Many different types of parts and accessories are available to help a person complete a repair in a reasonable amount of time. Among the different types are main control boards, motors, belts, water pumps, doors, pulleys, heating equipment, filters, valves, time pumps, sensors, and lid switches. It is important to make sure the particular Maytag part is compatible with your washer or dryer.

Ideally, fuses or other components that are used to operate Maytag products are the ones that they are specifically designed for. For instance, those who own a Crosley Magic Chef dryer should use the fuses that are made for that model. Using only appropriate fuses and other electrical parts can significantly reduce the risk of sparks or short circuits.

The temperature of your dryer should be at about 125 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit when it is set to a low or delicate cycle, and 135 degrees to 150 degrees when on other cycles. An internal thermostat is generally included in Maytag dryer models, and replacements may be purchased if necessary.

Lint filters for dryers may be among the most important Maytag appliance parts. These are the parts that keep lint, dust, and other debris from making its way to the blower motor or other critical parts. You should clean your lint filter after each use, and replace it when the nylon material starts to wear away. Failure to regularly clean the lint filter can result in permanent damage to the dryer.

The Maytag company was started in 1893 as washing machine manufacturer and was one of a few companies to actually turn a profit during the Great Depression. Since then they have expanded their business to include ranges, refrigerators and most other home appliance types. In the 2000's Maytag released new models in order to provide a more cost effective solution for their customers. It was here when the brand started suffering. Unresolved complaints and several class action lawsuits lead to a poor brand image and ultimately a large decrease in market share. This led to the sale of Maytag in 2007 to Whirlpool and now the Maytag name is used on Whirlpool designed appliances. With this in mind you should feel a little more confident to go out and get a Maytag. Whirlpool seemed to turnaround the poor quality that once plagued the Maytag brand and has brought back the positive brand image that Maytag was known for. One of the big reasons our customers purchase a Maytag appliance is for their new 10 year limited parts warranty. We wanted to provide basic details as to what the 10 year Maytag appliance warranty covers.

We want our customers to be educated and informed about brands. While we hope that your Maytag appliance falls under one of these warranty categories but we also understand that sometimes it doesn't. At U-Fix-It we want to provide our customers with the best service even if it means we do not make a sale. Please call or visit one of our four Dallas area locations for all your Maytag appliance replacement parts needs.

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