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We Got SERVED By Abbadon - Guild Wars

  • Abaddon, God of Secrets and Water, was once known as one of the six Gods of Tyria. He was the god who is said to have distributed the gift of magic; however, he gave it out too freely and wars between the races soon began. Because of the wars the other five gods limited the use of magic through the creation of the bloodstones, but Abaddon disagreed. Angered, Abaddon used his Margonite army to start a war against the other five gods and attacked the place known as Gates of Heaven. Although he was able to overpower two gods on his own, he was defeated at the place now known as the Mouth of Torment and was imprisoned in the Realm of Torment, chained and weakened. It was because of this war that the gods left Tyria. Big Bad: Becomes this after players defeat Varesh Ossa and enter his kingdom in Nightfall.

  • The Corrupter

  • Easter Egg: Type /dance while standing near him. He'll dance with you for a few seconds before wiping the whole party and saying "You got served!"

  • Evil Is Petty: His whole reason for all the atrocities he's committed is basically just him being mad at the other gods for imprisoning him and wanted to destroy everything they have built

  • Evil Plan: Directed the actions of the villains of all three campaigns in order to weaken his prison in the Realm of Torment.

  • Fallen Angel: Fallen god, actually.

  • Fighting a Shadow: The Fortune Teller is his Avatar.

  • Giant Hands of Doom: He's not fought in his full form, in fact he's only a disembodied head and a pair of giant hands when you fight him.

  • Greater-Scope Villain: To the Lich, Shiro and Varesh Ossa, the villains of the first three Guild Wars campaigns. It turns out he was responsible for Shiro's fall and Vizier Khilbron's fall, which led to Khilbron being possessed by Razakel and Shiro coming back and unleashing the Afflicted plague upon Cantha. And Varesh is his puppet in the human world who's tasked to free him from the Realm of Torment.

  • Omnicidal Maniac: The Nightfall he plans to cause in Nightfall will either turn Tyria into a hellish place of torment, or destroy it entirely, with Abaddon not being too particular about which.

  • Satanic Archetype: He's the closest thing to Satan in the Guild Wars universe, as he's basically the God of Evil and is currently incarcerated in the Realm Of Torment

  • Someone Has to Do It: When a god is killed, a new one must take its place. Kormir ascends to godhood by absorbing all of the released knowledge and power upon Abaddon's defeat.

  • These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: It's his role to know these things.

  • The Voiceless: Only his Avatar speaks.

We got SERVED by Abbadon - Guild Wars

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