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Rema Calm Down (Lyrics)

This theme of trying to woo a girl can be seen in the Nigerian rapper's music video for the song. Rema is seen chilling at a house gathering until he sees a girl in a yellow dress, as he describes at the beginning of the song. Throughout the video you see the girl go from resisting his charm to eventually giving in and having fun with him, even going on dates with him. Rema's telling the girl to "calm down" because he genuinely wants to get to know her, but she's toying with his feelings.

Rema Calm Down (Lyrics)

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In July, people questioned whether or not the "Naturally" singer was back in the dating game. "Selena isn't dating anyone specific at this time," a source told ET. The insider added she wants someone who is with her for the right reasons, and not just because she's famous. So, Gomez's intention of saying "calm down" could be because she wants the guy to truly want to be with her through the ups and downs of life. 041b061a72


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