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Jack Playing Fetch with Zero Levitation Figurine

Jack Playing Fetch with Zero Levitation Figurine

وحدة SKU: A30581

NEW and exclusively from Enesco; Grand Jester Studios introduces Levitation. The first of its kind from Disney. Featuring Jack Skellington playing fetch with his trusty friend Zero, who magnetically hovers when placed under the tree branch. The polarized magnets suspend Zero in mid-air with an LED light indicating when the magnet is activated. This is a great example of technology and storytelling coming together to make a phenomenal collectable. Boasting all the creative high-spec sculpting and painting which you would expect from Grand Jester Studios. Together with the innovation of polarized magnets a spectacular piece had been created, which is sure to be top of the list of Disney enthusiasts seeking something different for their collection. Introduced January 2021. Premium giftbox packaging. USB supported power cord included.

    85٫000د.ك سعر عادي
    42٫500د.كسعر البيع
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