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Shine ( Signature Collection ) ✨

Shine ( Signature Collection ) ✨

وحدة SKU: 27367
A gift for graduates or to celebrate special encourage, support and acknowledge individual strength. "I was sculpting this piece at the time of the Winter Olympics. I was inspired by the strength and perseverance of young female competitors in figure skating, snowboarding, skiing... their confidence exudes with every gesture and movement, literally shining with happiness and pride. We all have the capacity to shine from within, so I wanted this figure to be a reminder of our own inner strength. Shine could be a congratulatory piece for a milestone reached, or a healing piece to show support and belief in someone. I wanted the form to be visually uplifting... a little reminder of personal goals, met. I embellished the surface with gold to suggest inner light and energy." - Susan Lordi. Pieces in the Signature Collection are related by architectural form, distinctive colouring and textural surfaces. Figurines are taller than other Willow Tree figures, more columnar in shape and distinguished by blue ombre effect embellished with gold highlights. This figure includes a gift tag with the sentiment ' You have a radiant inner light'. 
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